Marlow Ropes, the world-leading rope manufacturer officially announces theintroduction of their latest ‘technically better’ innovation; the BLUE OCEAN® GECKO, a first in the Arboriculture industry. 

The Blue Ocean® Gecko is a climbing rope with a 16 plait cover made from Marlow’s trademarked Blue Ocean® yarn - manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. It is the first climbing rope in the Arboriculture industry to be made from the recycled material. 

This release comes after their first product, Blue Ocean® Raptor, a lowering line made from 100% Blue Ocean® yarn hit the market earlier this year.

The new creation maintains the same CE Certified attributes and performance of Marlow’s popular original Gecko, but with an eco-conscious twist and a NEW low-profile eye termination option - added to give a tighter grip to karabiners/ hardware and to ease a smoother run through branches.   

The Blue Ocean® range was created in-line with Marlow’s sustainability and environmental goals. It aims to raise awareness of single-use plastics and the effect they have on the planet. 

Paul Dyer, Marlow’s Technical Manager comments on the forward-thinking product development. 

‘For years we have been looking to develop new products that are more sustainable and a better fit with our environmental mission.  Following the successful introduction of recycled materials into the Leisure Marine market we’ve spent the last year working towards bringing the Blue Ocean® sustainability benefits to the Arboriculture and Tree Work market with a range of fully CE certified products.

Blue Ocean® Gecko is now available from local Marlow stockists.