After a two year wait, the Clipper 2019-20 Race officially restarted at 1200 Local Time (0400 UTC). Race 10, the Sailing City - Qingdao Cup, got underway today by way of a Le Mans start just off the north coast of Luzon, Philippines. This race across the mighty North Pacific will see teams encounter an extraordinary challenge, sailing in huge waves and extreme weather systems as they race toward Seattle, USA. 

Conditions made for an upwind start, with the fleet beginning on a starboard tack on a close reach, heading in a north-north-westerly direction at a good speed of 9-10 knots. After ten minutes (as no course or sail changes are permitted within the first ten minutes of a Le Mans start) the fleet altered course toward the wind on a more close-hauled course and northerly heading.   With the entire fleet rigged with Marlow ropes, we're looking forward to the updates and progress of the crews and fleet.

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